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Lightworks Review

Hi, I'm  John.

In this review of Lightworks video editor, I’ll be covering everything you need to know to see if it’s the right software for you.

Lightworks cost, features, system requirements, download options, and much more are now right at your fingertips. Let’s dive in.

Making excellent videos requires a good eye, perseverance, and the right tools. Without proper tools and programs, your videos are never going to be as good as they could be.

That’s why you should try Lightworks, so you can make your videos into the masterpieces they deserve to be.

Lightworks pro isn’t some cheap software for making mediocre videos for office presentations.

You’ve probably seen movies edited with it, as it’s been used in many major Hollywood films. There’s so much you can do with this software, and any aspiring filmmaker should know about it.

In the latest 2021 edition, they’ve reached the gold once again. It’s for everyone who’s ever wanted to edit movies, regardless of experience level.

You’ll still need to take time to learn the software and improve your craft, but this program makes both of those a pleasure.

These are all features you get:

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Lots of free use audio and video
  • Intuitive editing tools
  • Lets you post videos to YouTube and Vimeo
  • Supports many kinds of files
  • Professional sequence-grading

Great design and friendly navigation

Getting the hang of things doesn’t take very long. They have a terrific tutorial video library. A lot of what they teach is quite intuitive, but it’s still to follow closely longer so you can be clear on everything.

In case there are some issues, there is a great user community who love to help their fellow members through problems. You could soon be answering questions from new users yourself.

Excellent accessibility

Lightworks is excellent for professional usage, but it’s also very beginner-friendly. They have a free license edition that does everything the Pro version does, except with fewer file formats available for export. You can get a Pro license on a yearly or monthly basis, or buy the whole thing at once.

Top notch special effects

Stock footage and library music can do a lot for your videos. Lightworks comes with plenty of this, and you’ll see that it’s consistently high-quality.

Many ways to share content

Once you’ve finished editing your video, you have several choices for where and how you share it. They offer uploading directly to YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. You can also get your videos posted in great resolutions, including 4K.



Operating system requirements

If you’re using a primary and current operating system, you can install Lightworks. Yes, that even includes Linux. This is the only editing program that can be used on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Easy exporting process

You can quickly share videos with others thanks to their great exporting process. Your videos can quickly go up on major platforms, from Instagram to YouTube, and you can also instantly link videos to YouTube, saving you plenty of time in the process.

Speed optimization

Some software makes posting your videos a tremendous hassle that takes far too long. That’s not the case with Lightworks, as it lets you keep editing even when you’re bringing videos in and out. It  really works overtime to delivers fantastic results, and it doesn’t suffer in terms of speed, either.

Easy trimming process

Trimming is a crucial feature of any editing tool, and the trimming with this program is excellent. You can say goodbye to frustration with trimming. This system is so user-friendly, you’ll be able to cut your clips so much faster than you would with other competitors.

Multi-camera editing

Your videos might be made with a single camera, but if you learn about multi-camera filmmaking, you’ll also want to learn about multi-camera editing. You can sync clips with absolute ease. With just a few clicks, your footage from different cameras can fluidly work together.

They also have an Auto Edit feature that shows just how smart this program is. If you need to swap out a clip for another, you can do that easily with a right-click and easy scroll. This kind of editing no longer has to intimidate you. Lightworks tutorial guides like this one, are plentiful on Youtube.

Excellent effects and presets

Their GPU pipeline design makes it a dream for artistically minded creators. You can give your videos a specific atmosphere through their effects, such as blurring and color correction. There are also more than 100 presets, which all work with different resolutions.

Project Sharing

If you’re working with others, this tool is your friend. Others can easily edit your projects through their sharing system. You can also choose who can see which projects and the extent of their editing or viewing authority.

Interface settings

There could be a few things you don’t quite care for with the default interface. Another significant aspect of this software is how it lets you adjust the interface to fit your style. It can even be translated into many different languages. Some of the language packs available include Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.

Hardware help

A tool as robust as this one can’t be so useful without great hardware backing it up. Before you install, confirm that you have one of the three manufacturers it matches with.

Distinct console and keyboard

Lightworks has been around for more than 30 years, and it’s always had a great console in mind. It looks like an analog editor, but it has modern sophistication. This unique design lets you make great films in little time.

The console has contributed incredible greatness to the film industry, turning clips into cohesive, exciting films through the magic of editing. There’s also a novel keyboard designed to make editing even more of a pleasure.



Lightworks was derived from an excellent, professional-grade editing tool and became something that anyone with decent taste and patience can figure out. While watching movies has changed with streaming and smartphones, what we want has stayed consistent. Films need to be made with care.

If you get the free version, you’ll be sacrificing exporting choices. However, you’ll still get access to their excellent special effects, and you can alter your videos down to the smallest aspects. You don’t have to go this far down the rabbit hole, but it’s still really cool to know you can.

Talking about this tool is easy and fun, but actually using it? That’s a whole new journey, one full of excitement and triumph. Let us know if you try it out after reading this. The free edition is still really useful, and the paid version lets you do a fair bit more. You can get a Lightworks download here.


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