iSkysoft Video Editor Review: Scam or Legit?

If your company isn’t using video to its fullest possible extent, you’re seriously putting yourself at a disadvantage. Think of how many brands, be they local, national, or global, make consistent video usage for marketing purposes. As crucial as utilizing video is having a capable converter at your disposal.

The best multi-purpose video converter is the iSkysoft. It handles both photos and videos with total poise. iSkysoft is a very reputable company, and video production veterans can attest to this.

How many things can you do with this tool? What does this software do that others of its type can’t?

We’re going to make a thorough examination of every critical part in this iSkysoft review.


Size and Speed

The converting video with a download is pretty small, only taking up 1 MB of space. First, you download the software shell. Then, use the installer to download the complete software.

Fully installing shouldn’t take much longer than 10 minutes. The total software is about 330 MBs.

You can step away from the computer and return to find that it’s fully installed. After you’ve installed it, start going through all of its great features.

These are some of the best aspects:


If you have a video conversion wishlist, this software could help you cross off most of the items.

  • Allows conversion for more than 150 file types
  • Lets you download videos
  • DVD-burning
  • Image conversion
  • GIF creation
  • Screen recording
  • VR conversion
  • Deliver projects from mobile device to computer
  • Video compression
  • Streaming functions
  • Many other things


You can use this tool on a Windows or Mac computer. Windows operating systems that accept it are Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

While 2GB of RAM is enough to run this program, 4GB or more is better if you want it to run with minimal issues.

Plus, your hard drive should have 500MBs or more available.

Ease of Use

When you start using this tool, you’ll see a screen that gives you different options for converting video.

This program definitely looks like most video converters. It can be a pretty easy transition if you’ve dabbled in other programs.

Converting videos isn’t its only function, however. Other tools worth trying to include “Transfer” and “Download.” Figure out which ones best suit your current needs.

The free trial offers the same functions as the full version. The big difference is that you can’t do as much with the free version.

Customer Service

This program is easy to use, but you might need some help now and then. You can post a request via their online support system. They’ll reportedly get back to you in no more than 12 hours.

Unfortunately, iSkysoft has no phone or chat system.

They do have FAQs as well as a knowledge base for further information. A lot of the basic questions can be answered with these.

User Experience

There are more than 150 file types to choose from when you use this software.

However, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed by this, thanks to how great the design is.

It makes picking your video and audio types a pain-free process. Also, you can choose which kind of device you want the video made for. Not a lot of other competitors of similar tools can say the same.

There are lots of options out there for robust software, but it ranks at least a couple of rungs below iSkysoft. It doesn’t have nearly as many file types available as this one.

1. Lots of formats and devices

The developers could not make it any easier to prepare your video for your prepared device. All you need to do is to click the “device” button and choose the right one.

2. Determine your output

Don’t treat exporting your files as a mindless task. This tool lets you make the video size bigger or smaller and adjust the quality manually.

You may not know a thing about this, but the iSkysoft tool shows why it’s good to be at least somewhat familiar with it. Find some consistent settings for exporting videos. This can help create a consistent mark of quality for your finished product.

3. Downloading Functions

iSkysoft is excellent for downloading internet videos as well.

In seconds, you can grab a link and have it start downloading to your computer.

You can convert them, save them to a favorite folder, or burn them to a disc.

A lot of converters don’t have downloading functions. They might want to consider doing so if they’re going to keep pace with their numerous competitors.

It’s a little puzzling. Indeed, they would’ve figured out some kind of downloading function by now, right?

There’s no sense in worrying about it because this tool is also a terrific downloader.

It also lets you watch the videos on the software itself. This helps you confirm that you’ve pasted the correct link.


  • Excellent for the cost
  • Great for beginners
  • Doesn’t take very long to learn
  • Allows converting, downloading, recording, and burning files


  • Relative to some other editors, the UI is quite cluttered
  • Doesn’t have as many functions as more complex editors


So many people are watching videos, and we rely on them for vital information and entertainment.

To help your business, you need to figure out what video can do for you. Then, you need a tool that fulfills your needs without costing too much.

We don’t have the ideal software yet, but the iSkysoft video editor and converter is a good start. If you want to do more, you my need to spring for a more complex software.

However, start with where you need to be, not where you feel you should be. You can get a free download of the tool here.

Or, you can use this discount coupon code if you are ready for the paid version.

Lightworks Team

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