Viddyoze Review: Is It Worth The Price?

Digital animation has made incredible progress, and you can get in on this thriving art form. It doesn’t matter if you don’t dream of being the next Walt Disney. Animation has so many uses, including marketing purposes. The next time you’re watching TV, think of how digital animation is used to sell products.

Successful marketing means being ahead of the curve. If you’re trying what worked decades ago, you’re going to look like you’re decades behind. Watch your ads and ask yourself if you’d honestly purchase your product based on your video. If not, think about how you could use animation to your advantage. It can be a little character or a captivating logo sequence that makes channel surfers lean forward in intrigue.

Software trend followers know all about the Viddyoze line of products. There’s version 1 and version 2. While their names might read like someone needs spelling help, there’s nothing amateurish about these programs. You can spice up your ads with help from this software.

You’ll start with a great library of templates. These are great for all sorts of businesses. With Viddyoze, your field doesn’t matter. All that does is whether you have the means to see something through.

It’s not stopping with version 2, either. Version 3.0 has been a significant boon for users, as it lets you make money with your videos, with easy brand logo implementation.

Running ads online is vital for running a successful business, and this animation tool is fantastic for that purpose and more. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Viddyoze.

What is Viddyoze?

Professional video editors and newcomers love using Viddyoze. It can make anyone look like an expert. If the world of video editing seems far too complicated for you to handle, using this can feel like salvation. It also lets you easily create GIFs.

You can use this program on multiple devices, thanks to the cloud platform. You could even edit your videos via your smartphone. Maybe you’ll get a sudden idea for your video when you wake up and reach for your phone in the morning?

The people behind this tool are all friends, and they also have real expertise with proven experience in the software industry. Their software portfolio goes in many directions, showing just how versatile they are.

One of the creators noticed that people had a limited understanding of video creation. They’d outsource this work and end up biting into their budgets. What they probably didn’t realize is how easy and affordable it could be to make videos themselves.

The team: David Chamberlain, Jamie Garside, and Joey Xoto, set to make a video editing software for the rest of us. It doesn’t require any editing experience. Know a few things about editing? Then it should be even easier for you to adapt to.

You can use Viddyoze for all sorts of business purposes. This could be a quick animated intro or a full-on tutorial video. See how these new elements lead to a greater conversion rate and stronger sales.

You won’t need to pore over information about video editing before use. It’s designed for beginners, so it can be your teaching tool as well as your platform. This review will guide you through the experience you should expect to have when signing up.

Best Features

1. Live-action animation possibilities: You can blend the reality of live action and animation excitement with this tool. Their template library is practically overflowing, and you can turn out great videos for social media marketing, video creation, and more. If you see an ad with animation, there’s an excellent chance it was made by someone who uses this software.

2. Template availability: As we mentioned just now, this tool is just chock full of templates. It’s hard to think of a significant business or promotional category not covered. Before any template is let through, their eagle-eyed team needs to make sure it lives up to their standards.

3. Audio features – You can adjust the audio included in templates. You can have your own audio, such as your self-produced music.

4. Different video types – Files can be rendered in numerous formats, such as MPEG4 and 3GPP2. As a result, you can watch and share these videos on most devices.

5. Device compatibility – You can also use it on your phone. Your clients and viewers might not realize that inspiring ad they’re watching was made as you click and pressed on a smartphone

6. Cloud interface – There are lots of editing software that require special hardware to run effectively. This platform doesn’t run into that problem because it runs on a cloud server.

7. Great for newcomers – All animators need to start with simple software. Viddyoze is that software, and it can do a lot for your business and networking hopes.

8. Watermark-free – Your videos aren’t going to be marked by a Viddyoze logo glued to every frame.

9. 24/7 customer help – If you need help, just call their helpline, which is available around-the-clock. If you think there’s no way out of a problem, think again.

10. Update frequency – No software is perfect, but developers can always make it better. Updates come out reasonably often. These tighten things up and lead to a much better user experience. If you get a membership, you’ll be entitled to permanent updates without additional purchase.

How Does It Work?

There are three main parts of making eye-catching videos. They are named and described in the following section:

Step 1: Pick a template from their library.
Step 2: Adjust the video with the various customizations.
Step 3: Test the animation and fix any potential issues.
Step 4: Press “Render” and let the system export your videos.

Who Should Use It?

Anybody who’s able to use and has a need for what Viddyoze offers should use it. These are some of the groups who can get the most out of it.

  • Digital marketing experts and animators
  • People with pro video needs
  • New business owners
  • YouTubers looking to improve content
  • Current business operators trying to improve their outreach


There are two different Viddyoze plans to choose from, a personal one and a commercial one.

Personal Plan

The personal plan costs $97. With this plan, you’ll get the following things:

  • A great animation program that works on a cloud platform
  • Quick editing process with live-action capabilities
  • Up to 30 renders allowed each month
  • No-limit usage rights for your videos
  • More than 170 templates to pick from
  • 60-day refund guarantee
  • Constant customer help

Commercial Plan

The commercial plan takes everything from the personal plan and adds more, including:

  • Everything that comes with the personal plan
  • Complimentary $197 sales method
  • Complimentary $97 YouTube accelerator
  • Limitless rendering
  • No-limit usage rates for client videos


  • A completely cloud-based platform that can be used with different, video-connected devices
  • Lets you make 3D animations
  • Offers help through automation
  • Helps to create stronger relationships with customers and clients through excellent videos
  • Great for making animated intros to give your videos pizzazz
  • Helps businesses improve their brands and their reputations


  • No bonus offered with personal plan
  • Only 30 or fewer renders allowed each month with the personal plan
  • Requires a strong internet connection
  • No free trial offered


If you have the Viddyoze personal version, you won’t get any bonus. However, the commercial version includes a $300 product.

Bonus 1

The first bonus is for freelancers. You’ll learn how to find a buyer for your video, build professional relationships, and start making $10,000 a month. This can help your business blossom into a high-demand animation company. If you don’t have the commercial version, it costs $197.

Bonus 2

This bonus is best for YouTubers or people who work with them. Personal plan users can get it for $127.


If you have the Viddyoze personal version, you won’t get any bonus. However, the commercial version includes a $300 product.

How to make money with Viddyoze?

It’s easy money with this tool because it’s easy to make money with video editing. You need to make sure your videos are strong to begin with and that you know how to reach out to people. An hour of dedicated emailing each day could lead to some serious prospects.

Is Viddyoze a scam?

The only way it could be called a scam if you think software should do all the thinking for you. Take a look at their claims, and you’ll see their software backs them up. There’s no pie in the sky promises here, just simple and useful software. There are also plenty of bonuses for commercial users, which can come through for you.

I am not an editor. Can I use Viddyoze?

Not only can you use it, but you’re the ideal candidate for it. The templates, text, and sound are so easy to select and put together for a video.

Can I get a Viddyoze trial?

No. They don’t offer free trials.

Is Viddyoze any good?

Since starting in 2015, Viddydoze has turned thousands of people into professional animators. Talk to any user, and you’ll likely hear a glowing testimonial about this excellent software. After a few rounds, you might start waving the “I Heart Viddyoze” flag.


Viddyoze is great software for a variety of reasons. We told you about the main things you need to know. The templates are beautiful and help you complete your projects in under an hour. You also don’t have to pay for a subscription with Viddyoze. You need to pay for it once.

Viddyoze helps you bring your business new business through great animations. The money you spend on the license can quickly be made back thanks to the money you make through working for clients. The more clients you satisfy, the more you can pick up through positive word-of-mouth.

We love and use this tool often, as it’s been great for our client relations and videos for our projects. The videos can be created very easily and quickly. They also look really fantastic. Give Viddyoze a try if you want to make animations.

Lightworks Team

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